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The 2016 GoAnimateLand Cup will be the first GoAnimateLand soccer cup ever, hosted at GoAnimate Stadium at Guyish Central from March 10 to May 12, 2016.

8 teams qualified for the cup on the qualifications rounds between April 5 and May 6, 2015.

Qualified teams and members

  • FC Guyish Central
    • Blue Mario
    • Harold Slikk
    • Leonard Slikk
    • Leonidas Slikk
    • Aerial Slikk
    • Rodgy Modgy (operator of a ride in GC)
    • Pat Mat (operator of a ride in GC)
    • Mr. Loopsy (not a Kirby Loopsy impostor, works in Baggy Ground)
    • Pete Mint (operator of a ride in GC)
    • Eduard Slikk
    • Gerard Slikk
  • Igor FC
  • FC Pac-Man
  • The Otters FC
  • FC Mametchi
  • Driller Football
    • Leopold Slikk
    • Wataru Hoshi
    • Konata Izumi
    • Susumu Hori
    • James Rolfe
    • Kagami Ochiai
    • CoolGamer23
  • FC Touhou
  • Neighborhood FC
  • FC GoAnimate


The shuffling order was done on October 18, 2015, at noon GMT. It was announced that there will be a total of ten matches, each one played on Thursday.

Group A Group B Group C Group D
FC Guyish Central Driller Football The Otters FC Neighborhood FC
FC Mametchi FC Touhou Igor FC FC GoAnimate


Round 1

March 10

  • Guyish Central v Mametchi (6:45pm GST, GoAnimateLand GoCity) - result is 5:0 for Mametchi, first goal received at 42:35 (game time, m:ss)

March 17

  • Driller Football v Touhou (6:45pm JST, GoAnimateLand Japan in Tokyo, Japan) - result is 3:1 for Driller Football

March 24

  • The Otters v Igor (6:45pm EST, GoAnimateLand Florida in Orlando, Florida)

March 31

  • Neighborhood v GoAnimate (6:45pm PST, GoAnimateLand California in Anaheim, California)

Round 2

April 10

  • Guyish Central v Pac-Man (6:45pm GST, GoAnimateLand GoCity)

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Expected Winning Teams

  • FC Mametchi (had the best coaches and practice games out of all teams, with unbeatable players and Adidas equipment. Is better than FC Guyish Central, considering that Adidas is better than Nike and that Righttchi is smarter than Guyish coaches)
  • Driller Football (had high-tech equipment)
  • The Otters FC (was chosen the most against Igor FC on a poll on the GAL Florida website)
  • FC GoAnimate (see The Otters FC)
  • FC Guyish Central (has unbeatable players and very good coaches, with ambiguous practice games and has equipment made by Nike)

Team member gallery

FC Mametchi