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Created By Pingy Animatronic.


Taking 1 Day after the events of GoGang: Revisiting Akademi High School, The GoGang bumps into Naomi, and pingy falls on love with her! Yet Chica is jealous, Can the GoGang Stop Chica from being Jealous?


Kayla as Sophie

Julie as Naomi, Pippi Osu and Marisa Kirisame

Eric as John, Carkle and Sora (Yandere Simulator)

Paul as Igor and Haruto Yuto

Young Guy as Pingy

Kimberly as Sanae Kochiya and Saki Miyu

Princess as Chica

Scary Voice as Monster Naomi


[Igor is worried with Pippi Osu]

Igor: "Pippi Osu, We're going outside! Wanna join?"

Pippi: "Okay!"

[Cut to Outside, we see the GoGang walking]

Igor: "Well, I believe Pippi Osu has to spend more time outside."

Sophie: "Agreed."

[Pingy bumps into Naomi]

[Pingy is in love with Naomi]

Naomi: "I Love You!"

Igor: "Oh my god, Ship Tease is returning-"

John: "It's not like Chica will be jealous."

Pingy: "I love you too, Naomi."


Igor: "Just. Why. Did. CHICA FREAK OUT?"

John: "What the flying fudge was that?"

Carkle: "We better do something!"

Igor: "Having Pippi Osu as a social person is for another Movie! We need to do something!"

[Saki Miyu bumps into the GoGang]

Igor: "Uh, Saki?"

Saki: "Sorry!"

Igor: "Well, Pingy is on love with Naomi. I bet the whole GoGang Fandom will set up flame wars for some reason."

Saki: "What you mean with that?"

Igor: "They don't like when I or pingy date new girls."

[Pingy and Naomi are kissing each other]

Igor: "The Fandom explodes in 3...2...1..."

[Chica bursts in Rage]


Igor: "And by Fandom, i mean Chica. now to drama mode. SOMEBODY MAKE CHICA STAY AWAY FROM NAOMI YOU BUNCH OF PEOPLE!"

John: "Okay, we will try!"

Naomi: "Chica is So Angry!"

[Igor Pushes Chica to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza]

Igor: "Stay here while i call Renko and Princess Princess Zelda!"

Chica: "Again?"

[Naomi turns into her Monster form]

[Naomi's clothes rip when she turns into her Monster Form]

Igor: "Oh uh."

[All GoGang Members hide]

[Naomi attacks Chica]

Igor: "Naomi is a yandere?"

John: "Why you asked that?"

Igor: "Naomi attacked CHICA!"

Naomi: "DIE CHICKEN!!!"

Igor: [Flails around on Panic] "DO SOMETHING, GUYS!"

John: "Okay!"

[The GoGang are trying to Stop Naomi from killing Chica]

[Igor Splashes Calming Potion on Naomi]

[Naomi turns back to Normal]

Igor: "Okay, this was for you good."

Pingy: "You're okay, Chica?"

Chica: "Yes!"

[Pingy Covers Naomi with a Blanket covering up her Body]

Pingy: "Her Clothes Ripped when she Transformed!"


[Marisa Kirisame Surrands Naomi's with Black Censor bars]

Igor: "Take her to the GoGang HQ!"

[The GoGang takes Naomi to GoGang HQ]

Igor: "This is one of your new homes, Naomi! you're part of the GoGang!"

Naomi: "Can I have Clothes Please?"

[Igor finds the same clothes Naomi wore berfore transforming]

Igor: "There!"

[Naomi wears it]

[The End]

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