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Created By Pingy Animatronic.


Oh no! a Love Problem Again! Pingy Doesn't Know Which Lady to Choose!


Young Guy as Pingy and James

Tween-girl as Cirno

Julie as Naomi, Marisa Kirisame and Adult Riley

Princess as Saki Miyu

Paul as Igor

Jennifer as Patchouli

Eric as John and Carkle

Kayla as Sophie


Pingy: "Hey Gang!"

Igor: "Uh?"

Pingy: "Let's go for a walk!"

[They go outside for a walk]

[Pingy bumps into Cirno]

Pingy: "Sorry! Sorry!"

Igor: "Welp, we bumped into the Baka."

Cirno: "I'm not a baka!"

Igor: "Sorry, i just keep calling you a baka because...The Touhou fandom does so."

[Pingy Bumps into Adult Riley]

Igor: "That's the 2nd bump."

Pingy: "SORRY!"

Adult Riley: "That's All Right!"

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