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Alex in Mole form (AKA Sophie the Otter's version).

Alex is new upcoming color verision of Cherry. He owns a female yellow canary named Daisy.

Real name: Alexis

Nationally: Mixed (Puerto Rican and American)

Age: 19

Birthday: May 22, 1996

Gender: Male

Hair color: Mahogany

Eye color: Aquarine blue

Hairstyles: long, curly, almost down his waist

Height: 6'2. 1'4 (mole form)

Weight: Chubby

Size: Extra large, small (mole form)

Species: Human, Mole (Sophie the Otter's version)

Voice: Princess

Family: Unnamed father(decreased)

Carmen(mother age: 46)

Luis(Younger brother age: 11)

Jewel(older sister age: 25)

Daisy (pet canary)   


Physical Appearance

Alex is a cute, beautiful, childlike and tall, 19-year-old man who has a curly reddish brown hair, distinctive large blue-green eyes with long eyelashes, heavy body build, tan skin complexion but sometimes light in some versions, light orange thick lips,sqaure shaped head, small unattached ears, thin small nose, thick eyebrows. his height was tall but it made him look like a large plump woman, he was taller than other people, he wears high heels include pumps and boots that make him look more taller.  Alex's undergarments was white one piece underwear. He wears dark blue jacket with shirt inside it with red tie, dark blue skirt, black high heels maryjanes, pair of knee high white socks. In mole form, he is in Shirt Tales style and is bare-bottomed. 

In formal outfit, Alex wears a red-orange dress with white bow belt, pair of silver heels.

In pajamas outfit, alex wears light green tank top, pajamas pants.

In swim wear, Alex wears pink strapless bra, pink bikini bottons.

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