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Alex Brinks

Alex himself.






Artist, notably trying to destroy Drillimation

Notable for

  • Creating Mr. Driller Art
  • Cursing
  • Attempting to destroy Drillimation



Text to Speech Voice

Young Guy

"Those Mr. Driller Chibis are getting worse! Let's team up and destroy Drillimation!"
—Alex Brinks, callout to King Empty Jay and his minions

Alex Brinks is a character from Drillimation. He is a member of King Empty Jay's Army and always tries to destroy Drillimation with his callouts.

Operation to Destroy Drillimation Phase 1: Original GoAnipedia

Alex's wrath started on the original Drillimation page on GoAnipedia. However, King Empty Jay joined the combat and to keep up with the destroy operation. Unfortunately, it was unsuccessful. CodPlayerRussia banned Alex to stop this from continuing while King Empty Jay continued. Somehow, Amy Brinks joined the operation.

Operation to Destroy Drillimation Phase 2: GoAnimate Extended Wiki

Alex was not involved in this phase, but King Empty Jay and Amy were. Amy Brinks started it off by saying "Destroy Drillimation". The operation was successful by tearing up the Drillimation page.

Operation to Destroy Drillimation Phase 3: Original GoAnipedia

Three new users known as Toby-kun, Mecha Kowars, and Mecha Prince Gilgamesh of the Get Rekt Squad, joined in as vandals to destroy Drillimation. The vandalism was combatted by CoolGamer23 and the VSTF, with Toby-kun and Mecha Kowars getting banned. Mecha Kowars was later globalled for cross wiki vandalism and Mecha Prince Gilgamesh was globalled for creating the Get Rekt Squad.

Operation to Destroy Drillimation Phase 4: Instagram

Toby-kun advertised the threat on Instagram about trying to destroy Drillimation, but hackers from the group Clan Centurio counterattacked the threat by saying to stop. The counterattack was successful, causing all five threats to be erased from Instagram's servers.

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