Alternate Universe Oddities: Lost in a Storybook is a game based on Super Mario Bros. 2/Doki Doki Panic/Super Mario USA. 


Mirror Alex Kimble and his army of Mirror VGCP minions are causing tons of havoc around the Alternate Universe. Mirror Warren Cook, Mirror Nathan Pearson, Mirror Andy Panda, and Mirror Scootlatoo end up inside a storybook where the chaos is occurring. Mirror Warren and his team must stop Mirror Alex Kimble and his army and save the Alternate Universe!

Characters and who they represent

  • Mirror Warren Cook=Mario
  • Mirror Nathan Pearson=Luigi
  • Mirror Andy Panda=Toad
  • Mirror Scootlatoo=Princess Peach
  • Mirror Alex Kimble=Wart
  • Mirror Lanky Kong=Clawgrip
  • Mirror Carkle=Fryguy
  • Mirror Alan Cook=Tryclyde
  • Mirror Barren=Mouser
  • Mirror Pinkie Pie=Birdo
  • The Mirror VGCP=The 8-Bits (Wart's army)
    • Mirror VGCP Troopers-Shy Guys
    • Mirror VGCP Watchdogs-Tweeters
    • Mirror VGCP Pilots=Pidgets
    • Mirror VGCP Gunners=Snifits
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