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Alvin Hung is the CEO of GoAnimate and the founder of that website, which he founded in 2007 as an attempt to make an animated story for his wife. Currently, he lives in Hong Kong.

Since quarter 4 of 2014, Hung began getting mass controversy following hate on hobbyists. This includes removal of many hobbyist subscription plans, even with the eventual retirement of GoPlus, removal of non-business themes, and therefore, combined, "ruining of GoAnimate". Called greedy by immature users of GoAnimate, he is now massively hated by the immature community of the site due to increase of subscription plans' cost and being so-called "obsessed with business". He was also noted for starting the business era on GoAnimate (as stated by Blue Mario, who lost his voice on October 30, 2015 due to Hung), which has obsession with business effects. He also removed some songs (as stated by AlexComedian2004).

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