Anime GoGang is a spin-off of the GoGang series. Created by Igor the Mii.


Taking place in an alternate universe where the Japanese have won WWII, every cartoon from America has become an anime. This series follows the adventures of the anime-style GoGang.



  • Igor the Mii: A 14-year-old Mii in the style of Touhou, Sometimes called the Only Boy on Touhou. He also has a Vocaloid Counterpart named Akio Igor. (sometimes called "Akio" or "Igor Akio")
  • Sophie: A 14-year-old (15 in the real world) otter in the style of Toei Animation's Maple Town
  • Codyrulez123: He is in the style of Attack On Titan, and wears clothes That resemble Cody's from the Total Drama series. 
  • CoolGamer23: TBA
  • Pingy: Human in the Style of Yandere Simulator (Clothing and Pallete based on his Original Animatronic Form)
  • Info-Chan: Same as her Original Yandere Simulator Counterpart, But This Info-Chan is a hero. She is also Igor's Sweetheart.
  • Rin Kagamine: Same as her Original Vocaloid Counterpart, but with a crush on Igor.
  • Mordecai: TBA
  • SimpleGuy1401 (aka Steve O'Cerrell): TBA
  • Kaworu Sakurada: 16 year old, in the style of Neon Genesis Evangelion.
  • MarioLeopoldSam: 14 year old, in the style of Bleach.
  • Sakura Loopsy: A Kirby Loopsy imposter, 15 year old, in the style of Sword Art Online.
  • Shinji Ikari: Same as his Neon Genesis Evangelion counterpart.
  • Kirito Kazuto: Same as his Sword Art Online counterpart.
  • Oji Karasuma: Same as his School Rumble counterpart.


  • King Empty Jay UTTP VGCP: CoolGamer23's Worst Enemy who is part of VGCP and UTTP.
  • Phifedawg UTTP VGCP: An Americanf*g who makes s**tty grounded videos out of Anime characters.
  • More villains coming soon!



Anime GoGang: Prologue

Season 1 (20 Episodes)

  1. The Same Gang, A Different Story
  2. At Anime Network Inc (NOTE: Anime Network is The Alternate Cartoon Network)
  3. Meet the Vocaloids