The Article Grading system is used to assess the quality of an article. Grades are on top of the article, always.

  • A+ - The absolute best articles that need absolutely zero improvement.
  • A - The best articles, which only need very minor improvements.
  • A- - Good articles which need some small changes
  • B+ - Good articles which are not A-tier yet
  • B - Quite good articles
  • B- - Articles which are just above average
  • C+ - Articles which are just slightly above average.
  • C - Average quality articles
  • C- - Articles which are just slightly below average
  • D+ - Articles which are just below average
  • D - Quite bad articles
  • D- - Bad articles, but not bad enough for E-tier
  • E+ - Bad quality articles
  • E - Bad quality articles
  • E- - Bad quality articles
  • F+ - Bad quality articles
  • F - The worst articles which need serious improvements.
  • F- - The absolute worst articles on the Wiki, major serious improvement is needed


The grade of the article is always put on the top of the article, above main text, with the color of the grade (A is green, B is lime green, C is dark yellow, D is orange, E is dark red, F is red), in bold, on center alignment, then below it, a horizontal bar. Below the horizontal bar is the main text of the article.


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet...

Codes for each grade: A = #008000

B = #408000

C = #808000

D = #804000

E = #800000

F = #C00000