Ashton Jean is an Haitian-Amercian Retired GoAnimator, He used to be in GoAnimate back in July 2013, but he retired in 2015, and also, he now hates goanimate

He is born in USA but his family are born in Haiti, He lives in The USA, He also uses Windows XP just like Inez Thomas, He Started his Roblox acconut in 2013, He started his Youtube Channel in 2014,in but January 2015, his Google Account got Disabled, and in Feb 2015, he created another Google Account, He Started scratch in 2014, He mostly makes Windows OS Projects on scratch


Rugrats, School Buses, Buses, Trains, Windows OS etc


GoAnimate(Nowadays), Macs, MLP

His YouTube Life

Ashton Jean started YouTube on 2014

Round 1 (January 6th 2014-February 5th 2015)

He joined YouTube as his real name which is Ashton Jean, He makes vlogs usually and other stuff, his google account later got banned on February 5th 2015 for unknown reasons

Round 2 (February 6th 2015-February 16th 2015)

He returned to YouTube as the same on his first account, however, it's inactive, this account is still used alot on Google+

Round 3 (February 16th 2015-present)

He returned to YouTube as AshtonTheBest2004, He used to make to videos with YouTube Video Editor, on 2017, he started using Windows XP Movie Maker


  • He is one of those Windows XP Users
  • He is one of those forgotten GoAnimators that retired from GoAnimate
  • He is one of The Train and Bus Fan