Attempted Wiki Manipulation or cheating is when a user escapes being banned or obtains user rights through the use of third-party programs. Cheating is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban.

Common cheating methods


Trainers are programs that are downloaded onto the user's computer. That particular user then logs on to the wiki through the program using addons and plugins to hack a wiki. Many addons are client side, meaning that only the user using the program can see the hack. Users are unlikely to get banned for client-side hacks. Client-side hacks would include changing their username, user rights, escape being banned, or changing to Wikia staff.

Many trainers have been used in the past, although many are currently patched.

Other programs

Follow bot, or "clones", are a program that cause clones of the hacker to walk after them and to imitate them.

Adders can be an online or downloadable software that allows the user who uses it to get user rights on wikis. These are the most common form of cheating, and users usually use these to ban people who harass them, ban admins that banned them, escape bans, or even vandalise pages.