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AussiePower98 VPHS TPNG VGCP is a Malaysian good user and Unterganger. He also makes Gaming Videos, F1 Onboards, and Downfall Parodies. Unfortunately, He has Plan his AGK Series by himself, But His Account was suspended in May 2015, and create his 3rd Account, But his 3rd account was suspended in June 2015. Now he is stuck with his 1st Account "F1Mario1 C".

He reveal his voice on April 2015 when he's recording about a 1st Problem when he is learning his Grammar by Pressing Okay to Publish his Answer.

On May 2015, His Mom Record a Video about him Playing Mario Kart Arcade GP DX in Mid Valley Megamall. He stop making grounded videos out of Abraham Lincoln and make grounded videos out of Macusoper. He also record a test of his brother's gun at his home.


Date of birth: August 8

Age: 12 (becoming 13)

Country of Origin: Malaysia

GoAnimate Voice: Steven

Likes: Angry German Kid, Downfall Parodies, Motorsports,GoAnimate, Roblox, Legos, Good Users, Untergangers, AGK Makers

Dislikes: Dora Marquez, Barney, Caillou, Tuition, School, Mathematics (his most difficult subject in school), Frozen, Bad Users, Being Trolled, Thumbnail not showing on his Videos, His Glasses in a Broken state, Being Hated, His Cousin, Losing the Game

Other Accounts 

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