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Barnhurst Detention Centre (dubbed Barnhurst Prison in the OliverWestern series) is a prison in GoAnimate. It is run by its Governor, Vera Bennett, affectionately known as Vinegar Tits.

It is the only Detention Centre where inmates are forced to go barefoot.

Creation and Security

This Detention Centre was created by OliverWestern, who was inspired by the original Prisoner Cell Block H series to create it.

Prior to the fire in OliverWestern Episode 26, it was a low security prison, but only few escaped from Barnhurst despite it receiving extra staffing.

Current Status

Barnhurst Prison is currently a High Security Prison.


  • Vera "Vinegar Tits" Bennett (Governor)
  • Meg Jackson (a.k.a. Mrs. Morris) (Deputy)
  • Marty Jackson
  • Dennis Cruikshank
  • Colleen "Po Face" Powell
  • Mario (part-time)
  • Igor the Mii (part-time)

Inmates that currently reside here

  • Dora Marquez (violated her terms of parole)
  • Daillou Anderson (framed Caillou Anderson)
  • Bea Smith (framed Noddy Smith)
  • Patrick "Postman Pat" Clifton (parole revoked)
  • Robert "Bob the Builder" Gaffney (parole revoked)
  • Fred Talbot (got five years for deceiving ITV)
  • Lizzie Birdsworth (serving 4 years for theft)
  • Dee Dee Desmond (serving 14 months for vandalism)
  • Lee Lee Leech (as Dee Dee)
  • Mee Mee Mason (as Dee Dee)
  • Flim Flam (25 years for identity theft)
  • Ann Yates (7 years for Drug Trafficking)
  • Snikpoh Eitak (9 years for prositution)
  • Belson Noles (14 years for attempted murder)

Former Staff

  • Ann Yates (sentenced to seven years in Barnhurst)

Former inmates

  • Barney Rex (killed in the Riot)
  • Chrissie Latham (transferred to Wentworth)
  • Franky Doyle (transferred to Wentworth)
  • Warren Cook (transferred for murder, but later pardoned)
  • James the Animator (was undercover as Damon Mizuno)
  • Joan Ferguson (transferred to Dark Prison of the DTLTS Series)

Inmate gallery

Inmates that currently reside here