Battle Of The Nerds is the 23rd GoGang Junior episode


Pingy and Carkle start a full scale war after Pingy says Star Wars is better than Star Trek.


Nanny: Ok kids, I am leaving you alone because I have to go shopping.

IA: Isn't that unsafe?

Nanny: Don't worry. I'm locking the door.

Igor: Phew! That's a relief!

Nanny: Goodbye, children!

Kids: Goodbye!

(The nanny leaves.)

IA: Hmm... what should we do?

Carkle: Let's watch Star Trek.

Pingy: No, let's watch Star Wars!

[Igor, TGB1 and IA go behind Pingy]

Pingy's side: YEAH!

(Oliver, Sophie and James go behind Carkle.)


Carkle's side: YEAH!

James: Kennehwautreffumeh!

TGB1: No, James, you can't watch Transformers.

Pingy: This means war! Guys, let's go get our Star Wars Gear!

Carkle: Guys, let's go get our Star Trek gear.

[Both sides go to the basement and they come out wearing costumes]



  • Each character is dressed as a character from Star wars (Pingy is dressed like Darth Vader, Igor is dressed like The Emperor, IA is dressed like Boba Fett, and TGB1 is dressed like Luke Skywalker) or Star Trek (Carkle is dressed like Captain Kirk, Oliver is dressed like Spock, Sophie is dressed like Warf and James is dressed like Data)
  • This episode was banned in a few countries due to the viewing of blood in one scene.

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