Bobcat TV (BTV) is a TV channel which can be viewed in GoCity and its surrounding areas. BTV is an independently funded channel, and as such, not all people may view it, only those who have a decoder which can decode the BTV channel.

BTV broadcasting starts at 1:00pm and ends at 5:00am, with teleshopping and other commercials being broadcast in the time period in between, which fund the channel. BTV broadcasts a range of topics including politics, analysis of news and other programmes.


Time Program
1:00pm BTV News
1:30pm Deconstruction of GoAnimate and common GoAnimate tropes
2:00pm GoCity Economics with Bubsy Bobcat
2:30pm Afternoon Politics with Bubsy Bobcat
3:00pm BTV Drama Hour
4:00pm Obligatory Grounded Video Timeslot
4:10pm Party Broadcast
4:20pm Programming - Anyone can do it!
6:00pm Documentary Timeslot
7:30pm Hell's Kitchen
9:00pm 9pm News

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