Bubsy Bobcat


Bubsy Bobcat


20 years old



Political views

Libertarianism, Capitalism

Ultimate goal

To teach the GoAnimate community that logic is better than hate

Penultimate goal

To create a Touhou-style game based off GoAnimate




IA, TheFanguy123, NotSmirks, Danny, Momogowi, XxTrainerRedxX, Painless Pentagram, Touhoulicious and others


No one

Bubsy Bobcat is a GoAnimator and a somewhat controversial figure within the GoAnimate community. He joined the community in late December 2014 and had GoPlus from January 2015 to March 2015. During this time, he created many GoAnimate videos, ranging from serious topics such as how not to make a Behaviour Card Day video and how illogical those videos are, to the less serious, such as Dora Drops a Piece of Paper.

Bubsy tried to teach GoAnimate community about how to react to trolls (or more correctly, to not react to them), and to teach them about the virtues of pacifism, although his methods of doing so can be rather controversial. For example, his methods included making alexkimblepoopy accounts in order to get attention from the "good users" and "bad users", as well as revealing the behavior of users in their comments on YouTube videos.

Bubsy also owns a TV station named Bobcat TV. It is independently funded and not reliant on GoCity government subsidies. The channel broadcasts programs and shows related to Bubsy's interests.

He is also one of the great dictators of Go!Hell, though he is in the outer circle of the hierarchy.

GoAnimate Departure

On June 7, 2015, Bubsy had almost left GoAnimate. This was because his friends had started misbehaving, after he invited BoyNedMaster to a hangout. He then started arguing with his friends (except for IA, Smirks, and BoyNed). However, unfortunately, on July 21, 2015, Bubsy had left GoAnimate for real. Despite his departure from GoAnimate, he still on good terms with his friends, as he still contacts them online, and he now makes gaming videos.

"Old Shit Was From 2 Years Ago."

Please don't talk about me again. Because I want out of this wiki forever


  • Politics
  • Mathematics
  • Programming
  • Science (except Biology)
  • Unique approaches to solutions
  • Libertarianism


  • Sycophants
  • Fighting and wars
  • Traditional GoAnimate videos (he sees them as boring and restrictive)
  • Communism
  • Homonegativism