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Bunny Kelley is the girlfriend of Zion Mathis.


Age: 13

Date of Birth: 20 December 2001

Voice: Kalya

Likes and Dislikes


Bunny rabbit, All good user's, Video Game's, Zion always being funny, Candy (sometimes), having fun with Margra Batto. Any of Zion's Friend's.


When P&S Lover 10000 makes alot of enemies, All Bad Users, UTTP, Her enemies, when every one makes fun of her.

Friends and Enemies


Zion (Boyfriend), Margra Batto, Billy Hatashita, Brittney Christensen, TheColossalD, and many other Good Users


Panty And Stocking Lover 10000 VGCP OWN TPNG (for disliking Zion & Margra for no reason), Kirby Loopsy, Powerjohn25, Davelosttrolls (for Cyberbullying Zion), UTTP, And many other Bad Users.


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