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Butterfly1997 (as known trinity hayes) is well-known occasional GoAnimator whom joined july 31st, 2012, She start to her own grounded series instead of doing goanimate grounded series by using comedy world characters and other theme characters when she has goplus. without goplus she start to making stick figures grounded series.

Hayes is famous for her own grounded series include buddy bunny, polly, Sabrina, sam and max, mack family, pyb, cheese. she also makes her own ungrounded series include cherry primrose, yummy. but sadly, Hayes discontinued her pyb series even sam and max series.  she's famous for her character cherry primrose and Fluffy.

Hayes rarely feature and make user's avatars in her videos even watch grounded videos. she's use real life places for both grounded and ungrounded videos.

She changed her lifestyle from tomboy to normal girl. Hayes decide to come back to goanimate but postponed because she heard about themes were removed from other users.


Real name: Trinity Gerdlin Hayes

Usernames: Bluetooth, trinity hayes, namyritthima twilight, ava walker, artemis x memphis, astrella, butterfly1997

Age: 20

Race: African-American

Gender: Female

Birthday: March 2, 1997

Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland

Hair color: Black(1997-2013),black with red highlights(2013-2014) black with purple(2014-2015), black with ombre(later changed to teal)

Eye color: Brown

Hobbies: Computer, spending time with her mother, taking a nap, listening to music, exercise, watching tv, arts, eat, girl stuff, video games, relax, nature, cooking, online games.

Despise: Rude people,  bullying, people who ranted about any groups, oversexed people, having too many friends, nude photos, being ignored.