By the Numbers List example

'By the Numbers List' is a fad that was allegedly created in March 2015 by NitroG MacRae on YouTube[1]. It has been embraced by many in the GoAnimate fandom. The format of the video involves counting down, usually from 50 to 1. Liked characters are given high numbers and hated characters are given low numbers. Characters who get a high number will often be dancing or jumping up and down, characters who get a low number may be crying or get special effects similar to a character in Dead Meat. Different sound effects may also be used for each number

The rankings of characters is often designed to cause maximum controversy, resulting in a heated debate in the comments.

Different users have expanded the meme and included their own personal touch, such as counting into minus numbers for the most hated characters.

Phifedawg's By The Numbers List caused controversy in April 2015 when Oliverwestern got mad at Phifedawg's opinions and filed a complaint with Youtube. 

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