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Caillou wakes up, and he realizes that his show is cancelled. He talks to his parents to uncancel his show, but they deny. Then Caillou's Parents do a petition to ban Chuck E. Cheese from GoCity, forever. 1 hour later, the petition takes effect. All Chuck E. Cheese places are demolished from GoCity and replaced by Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria, and the good users kill Caillou. Ouch.


David as Caillou

Eric as Boris, Carkle and TV Narrator

Julie as Doris

Paul as Igor

Kayla as Sophie


[Caillou wakes up]

Caillou: "I'm gonna watch my TV show!"

TV Narrator: "Caillou" has been cancelled.

Caillou: "What?! My TV show! I'm going to tell my parents to call the creator of my TV show to uncancel it!"

[Caillou runs downstairs]

Caillou: "Mom! Dad! My show is cancelled! Please tell the creator of my show to uncancel It!"

Boris and Doris: "NO! Because your show sucks!"

Caillou: "But-"

Boris and Doris: "NO BUTS! YOU ARE GROUNDED FOR LIFE! We will also do a petition to ban Chuck E. Cheese from GoCity!"

Caillou: "Don't ban Chuck E. Cheese's! That's my favorite restaurant!"

Boris and Doris: "We don't care! You're always trying to go there, and you keep escaping to it whenever you have a chance, and we've had enough of it! So we're still gonna ban that restaurant!"

Caillou: "No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no!!!"

[1 hour later]

Igor: "We agree with Caillou's parents! I've had it with seeing their stupid son Chuck E. Cheese's!"

Sophie: "We're now gonna demolish all of the "Chuck E. Cheese's" restaurants!"

Igor: "Let's replace those restaurants with Freddy Fazbear's Pizza!"

[Igor & Sophie demolish all of the "Chuck E. Cheese's" restaurants and replace them with Freddy Fazbear's Pizza]

Igor: "Much better! No more Chuck E. Cheese's for Caillou!"

Boris: "Now Igor and Sophie demolished your favorite restaurants around GoCity, they are gonna kill you!"

Caillou: "No!! I'm really hungry for pizza but no!!!"

[Caillou stops quickly in front of Igor, Sophie and Carkle]

Caillou: "Oh no! It's the good users!"

Igor: "That's right, and I've got a shotgun!"

Sophie: "I got a flame thrower!"

Carkle: "I have lasers, and we're gonna kill you!"

[Igor, Sophie and Carkle kill Caillou with their weapons]

Igor: "Woohoo! That troublemaker is no more!"

Sophie: "Good job guys!"

Carkle: "That was fun action! Let's go home now."

(The End!)

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