Cheese The Animator
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Cheese the Animator

Also known as




Date of Birth

January 5th, 2000


Male (♂)


David/Evil Genius/Zack and Wise Guy (furious)


  • Birthdate: 5th January 2000
  • Age: 15
  • Nationality/Ethnicity: American
  • Gender: Male

About Him

Cheese The Animator (also known as CheeseDoodlesComedian, CheeseDoodles65, CD65, CD, Cheese, or CheeseDoodles) was a very respectful and kind user on GoAnimate and Youtube. He was very nice to people. He wass known to be respectful to other user' feelings. He created the very popular Tina Diesel Detention Center, which is how he became famous on YouTube.

Retirement from GoAnimate

On September 18th Cheese The Animator announced he was leaving GoAnimate and that he would no longer make videos. In his last video he states he no longer cares about GoAnimate. He is still active on youtube but no longer makes videos.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: nice people, GoAnimate, Grounded series', BMW, BMW X5, Ice Cream, The BBC, Star Wars, Nintendo, Thomas & Friends, Wendy's, Keeping Up Appearences, Delta Airlines, Virgin America, Virgin Atlantic, American Airlines, British Airways, The Lego Movie, and more.

Dislikes: Mean people, McDonald's, Andy Panda, Jersey Shore


  • First video is Warren Cook Gets Grounded
  • He supports LGBT
  • He joined YouTube in 2012 but only started making Go!Animate videos this past year
  • He makes both grounded videos and random videos on GoAnimate.
  • He is a neutral user.


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