Chrome is an original character created by TheChromePerson around 2012. He is the central protagonist of the televised cartoon Chrome's Show of Chromeyness.Template:CharacterBox1


Chrome has a gray, egg-like body made of a special kind of chrome, one without any shine. A glow-in-the-dark sky blue oval is in the center of his chest, containing various items.




Chrome was built in 1950-ish in a building for science named Paradox Science. He was nearly complete when one of the head scientists who was working on Chrome got injured from one of the machines used to make him, with a broken leg and a severely stretched right arm. He eventually healed, but the family of the employee sued the company, making them unable to release Chrome to the public due to restrictions. He was then secretly launched into space after there was nothing else the scientists could do. In space, he entered a rip in space called The Void, where Chrome fused with strange black matter and developed feelings.


"Fun isn't really fun unless it has adventure!"


  • Chrome is not actually made of chrome, but is rather made of a very strong but light metal, presumably the same as Hope's armor.
    • Chrome may be named Chrome because his endoskeleton is made of chrome.


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