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Chromedy World is a crossover episode between Comedy World and Chrome's Show of Chromeyness from the Nickelodeon Fanon Wiki.


Nova shows up in the Pearson household, so Chrome is called in via newspaper ad to stop him.

It's a stormy and foggy night as Eric is doing part of his usual night routine, watching the television in the living room. The news channel comes on with breaking news of a small yellow "actually pretty dumb dressed pixie" in the local part of town. PC Guy walks along the living room, commenting that absolutely nothing wrong whatsoever can happen thanks to the new security measures on the doors and windows.

Cut to Nova floating up to the Pearson household's front door, the raindrops completely ignoring his presence and passing through him. Nova tries to unlock the door, but it won't budge. Seeing the game they're playing, he tries the back door only for it to remain locked. He attempts to push in the back door with brute strength, only for PC Guy to notice.

Nova suddenly appears behind PC Guy with his hands behind his back, introducing himself.

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