Chuck E. Cheese's is a chain of pizza restaurants, known for entertaining kids with animatronics of the mascots, showing various music videos and sometimes movies involving the mascots, and having an arcade as well as several other games and attractions. It is especially notable on birthdays, since they have their own birthday show movie that occurs randomly during the birthday, along with someone in a Chuck E. Cheese suit coming out and greeting the children around the restaurant.

In the GoAnimate Universe

The restaurant is apparently Caillou's favorite restaurant, and he loves to go there, though he also sometimes likes to go to McDonald's or other fast food restaurants as well. He loves to play arcade games there and see animatronic shows.

For some reason, the restaurant is also liked by parents. It is unknown why, though, though it's possible they just like their pizza.

However, the restaurant has been known to cause the Deadl E. Cheese Incident, in which Chuck E. Cheese suddenly went rogue, sealed the exits of the restaurant, and killed everyone inside. Luckily, a few have escaped, and Chuck E.'s glitch involving him turning into Deadl E. Cheese was fixed later.