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Cirno (GoAnimate)

Cirno on GoAnimate.

Canon Age

60 (She's a Youkai so she's a child.)

Mental and Apperance Age/GoAnimate Life Age

9 (She is now Semi-fairy and Semi-Human)


Renko Usami, Sanae Kochiya, Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame, Igor the Mii, Sophie the Otter, Carkle the Animatronic, Pingy Animatronic


Mima, Yandere-Chan


how cirno looks normally (She's Cute!)

is a character from Touhou.


Cirno is the stage 2 boss, and playable character in Touhou Hisōtensoku and Fairy Wars. Cirno is an ice fairy that lives on the lake surrounding the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Although she is weak from the player's perspective, she is one of the strongest of her kind in Gensokyo. Her hobby is freezing frogs and watching them revive as they thaw, but she tends to shatter them instead by accident. Unlike Letty Whiterock, she radiates cold air year-round, and can stay awake even in spring and summer.

She is often called "⑨" (pronounced "nine ball") by fans, and the character "⑨" is regarded as a symbol of "Baka" (Stupid), since ZUN labeled her as such in the manual of Phantasmagoria of Flower View.

Appearances in GoAnimate

She first appeared on GoGang: Walfaized (non-speaking cameo), then eventually GoGang: Getting Cirno Smarter. (as a main character)


  • Igor shows a small love interest on Cirno, but he prefers Clownpiece.
  • She is Guy's favorite Touhou character.