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Clan Centurio Anti-Threat System




To stop King Empty Jay's Army and any legal threat on the Drillimation Gaming Wikis

Region served


"Are we going to see hacker wars every time KingMTJ and his officials go after the sprites?"
—Shira Katsumoto, Drillimation employee

Clan Centurio Anti-Threat System, commonly abbreviated as CCAT, is an anti-threat software that removes serious threats to Drillimation. Originally a clan in Clash of Clans, they evolved into an anti-threat software in 2014.


Clan Centurio was founded in 2013 as a clan in the MMORPG Clash of Clans. It started off with CoolGamer23's older brother, Crystal Noel (formerly known as Hiroki Takajima) running the clan. Soon after, more and more people joined the group in an attempt to combat threats, destroy bad users, and get the things they need.

Hacking Attempts

Clash of Clans 99,999 gems

Noel wanted to try and get the gem hack so they can boost their buildings. It was unsuccessful, hence the hacks contain viruses and malware and probably not a good idea.

Cloud Cookie's threat on Instagram

"I'm deleting any posts related to Drillimation or what not. Maybe I screwed up because stupid Clan Centurio told me to get a life or some other bullcrap."
—Cyborg001, on his Instagram wall

In May 2015, Cloud Cookie posted a call out to destroy Drillimation by screenshotting the Drillimation page on his iPhone and posting it on his Instagram wall. When Driller noticed about this, he gathered Centurio to combat it by attacking Cloud Cookie. The attack was a success, causing all five threats from his Instagram wall to be deleted.

Bad Oc Killer's threat on Instagram

In July 2015, with the help of Cloud Cookie, the call outs to destroy Drillimation came back (there were two of them). This lead to Clan Centurio attacking Bad Oc Killer, but the comments didn't work. Driller then lead the hack by using Instahack to permanently destroy the user's posts, but that failed too. This lead to Driller filing a DMCA complaint to get the call outs removed.


  • CoolGamer23, co-founder
  • Crystal Noel, founder
  • Kagami Ochiai
  • Shira and Rian Katsumoto


  • Clan Centurio is an obvious parody of the clan in Final Fantasy XII.

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