Karma and Cleopatra in Egyptian Mongoose form.

Cleopatra and Karma are colored verisons of Cherry. They're twins that are originally from Egypt but they moved to Israel and don't speak english, but they speak Arabic instead. both of them are older than Cherry by almost 8 years.

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Nationally: Egyptian

Height: 4'8

Weight: Thin

Hometown: Egypt but moved to israel 

Birthday: July 25th, 1991

Zodiac: Leo

Girlfriend: None

Species: Human, Egyptian Mongoose (in Sophie the Otter's fanon)

Personality/Physical Appearance

Cleopatra and Karma have medium curly hair with their bangs covering their forehead(cleopatra have black hair and karma have dark brown hair) and dark brown eyes. They have darker medium skin complexation and same apperance as Cherrylollipop155 but different height Cleopatra and Karma wear dark blue hijab but different colors and they're both has gold nose chain and wears tan long dress with sleeves and brown sandals, or  scarab wesekh collars. Sometimes they wore nijab doesn't matter they're not part of ISIS(cleopatra wore black and karma wore white)  In Sophie the Otter's Fanon, they are Egyptian Mongooses that only wear scarab wesekh collars.

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