Conor Dooley is a Youtuber from New Zealand (Born in June 2003). He is known for taking Inez Thomas to the extreme, making several lies, and not handling his hate.


Bart Simpson, GoAnimate, VGCP, Dora The Explorer, Shopkins Pesky, Arthur, As Told by Ginger, The Angry Beavers, etc


Lisa Simpson, Inez Thomas, His Haters, Breandan Dooley (his brother), Mordecai, Francine from Arthur, Penguins of Madagascar, etc

His Youtube life

Round 1: September 12th 2016-February 17th 2017

He joined YouTube on September 12th 2016. He attacked Almir-Tennyson back in December 2016. Later, on January 2017, he made a video about him and CanadianScout not being friends anymore, because Conor claimed that Comedy World was coming back, yet it wasn't. CanadianScout made a commentary video out of him, but it became outdated a day later because he apologized. On February 17th 2017, he closed his account because of his haters.

Round 2: February 17th 2017-December 24th 2017

He came back as "conor dooley is back" on the same day he closed his first account. He made a commentary on Inez Thomas's video called "Inez Rants: Cartoon Police Groups". In July and August 2017, he made 2 commentaries out of Elly-Chan/Blossom-Peace. Later on December 24th 2017, his brother Brendan Dooley forced him to closed his account.

Round 3: December 28th 2017-present

He came back as "TheSimpsonsAsToldbyGinger&AngryBeavers Rules 2003" 4 days after Brendan made him close his second account. On February 7th, 2018, he betrayed another one of his friends, known as SuperMarioYes PinkyDinkyDooNo for hating Aaron McShane. Therefore, SuperMarioYes PinkyDinkyDooNo started hating him too. He also released 2 sneak peeks of his upcoming film called Conor Dooley The Movie.

The hypocritical behavior of Conor Dooley

Conor Dooley claims to handle opinions when it's not true and he whines about his haters.