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Dark Troublemaker Lives - The Secret is a series created by the user Igor the Mii. It features mature themes just like the OliverWestern series, except they're amplified to a large extent.

The show is rated TV-MA LV.


Igor turns out to be the owner of a maximum security prison (GoCity Max Security Jail), where the most common troublemakers on GoAnimate are held hostage and tortured.

The characters in DTLTS are different from their real counterparts. Also, one of the notable traits in this show is the torture the officers do on the prisoners. The show is very gory, and also extremely dark, making the OliverWestern series look like a kids show in comparison.

The Guards


The Prisoners


Season 1: The Alleraged Prison

  1. Igor's Uncovered Dark Prison: In this very first episode, Igor discovers that he has inherited a prison and its inmates. Upon hearing the news, he immediately hires a team of Prison Officers, and gives them all code names, as it's considered bad manners for inmates to address officers by their first name. He soon hears bad news of a new arrival coming to Dark Prison going by the name Joan Ferguson (a.k.a. The Freak), who will be introduced in the next episode. But things go from bad to worse when a riot breaks out in one of the dormitories. Can the new team of officers stop the riot from escalating?
  2. Joan Ferguson Strikes Back: Oliver has the honour of inducting Normal GoCity Universe Joan "The Freak" Ferguson on his first day whilst the rest of the officers dish out punishments for their recent part in the riot. Oliver tortures Ferguson by beating her down with a nightstick and forcing her to look at pictures of Thomas the Tank Engine characters' faces. After the torture, she goes and joins the other inmates in Dark Prison, explaining that she was transferred from Barnhurst. The inmates are so pleased with her that they make her top dog, much to the dismay of the officers. The episode ends with Oliver torturing her once again by beating her with the nightstick.
  3. Zap to the Zatsune: Zatsune Miku is sent to the prison.
  4. The Great Animatronic Force:
  5. Abusing the Abuser: After TGB1 abuses and kills some prisoners with a gun, Yandere-Chan and Caillou decide to turn the tables a bit and abuse TGB1! During Lunch the next day, Caillou takes out a machete and stabs TGB1 in the back! As TGB1 is loaded into an ambulance, Yandere and Caillou are transferred to the highest security cell available. They think it's going to be better without TGB1, but as the week progresses, the begin to miss TGB1. When TGB1 finally comes back to work and abuses Caillou and Yandre, they simply state: "It's good to have you back TGB1."
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Season 2: Cell D Countercall

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