Created By Pingy Animatronic.


The First Day of School isn't What Pingy Wanted! Will Pingy Survive his First Day of School or Not?


Pingy as Pit

Igor as Kirby

KK as Mega Man

IA as Pikachu

Mima as DK

Yandere-Chan as Sonic

Adult Riley as Peach

Patchouli as Daisy

Info-Chan as Zelda

Springtrap as Bowser

Golden Freddy as Wario

Phifedawg as Ganon


[The Scene Shows a School named GoCity School]

[Pingy arrives at the School]

KK: "Look at we have here..."

Pingy: "Uuh i'm Pingy!"

KK: "I bet you won't survive your first day!" 

Yandere-Chan: "Yep! You're fat!"

[The Screen Shows The Title]

[Meanwhile at the Locker room]

[Igor (With Red Glasses) walks towards Pingy]

Igor: "Hey!"

Pingy: "Uh Hi!"

Igor: "I'm Igor the Mii, Well, I'm trying to conquest my love of my life!"

Pingy: "Who is she?"

Igor: "Well it's Info-Chan"

[Meanwhile at Science Lab....]

Igor: "Ok, what we're going to do?"

Pingy: "Uh..."

[Pingy Accidentally drops a drip on his Science Experiment]

[The Science Lab is on Fire]

[Everyone especially the FNAF Animatronics are staring angrily at Igor and Pingy]


Everybody minus Igor and Pingy: "We know, but somehow we're still angry at you too!"

[Meanwhile at the Lunch Room]

Igor: "Umm..."

[Pingy and Igor walks towards Adult Riley, Info-Chan, and Patchouli]

Igor: "Hey."

[Info-chan giggles]

Info-chan: "Hi again."

Adult Riley: "You Could Tell Those Guys to stop Bothering Us!"

Pingy: "Well Sure After I..."

[Springtrap, Golden Freddy, and Phifedawg Appears in front of Pingy and Igor angrily]

Springtrap: "AFTER YOU WHAT?!"

Igor: "Uhhhh....WHAT?!"

Springtrap: [Facepalms]

Igor: "You have no idea-"

Pingy: "Uh If We Let You Talk and we Get to be Friends!"

[Pingy smiles in front of Springtrap, Golden Freddy, and Phifedawg]


[However Springtrap, Golden Freddy, and Phifedawg starts beating up Igor and Pingy]

[Igor Facepalms]


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