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Diesel Warner
Diesel Warner


Diesel Warner







Diesel Warner is a fictional troublemaker in the Barnhurst series, based on Prisoner Cell Block H character Lynn Warner. He is created by OliverWestern.


Diesel first appeared in the epidode "Daillou Anderson gets grounded". He stupidly robs four pints of milk from a newsagent. He only got busted after carelessly introducing himself to Daillou. He was inducted into Barnhurst alongside Dee Dee Desmond, Lee Lee Leech, and Mee Mee Mason. He is also the former friend of Barnhurst officer Marty Jackson, who wanted him dead for his betrayal. He was eventually paroled in Episode 25 as a reward for good behaviour.

On the Outside

For the fourth series, OliverWestern has confirmed that the good behaviour from Dora, Caillou, and Diesel will not last long as they'll soon get up to heaps of trouble.


Diesel Warner was only voiced by Brian for the "Yay, no more screws" line.

He is affectionately known as Wonky Warner.

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