Dora is a supernatural horror movie made in GoAnimate which is loosely based off the Stephen King novel Carrie, and, by extension, the three Carrie movie adaptations. The movie stars Dora Marquez as the titular character, Veena Marquez as Dora's abusive mother, Miguel Marquez as Dora's abusive father and Abuela Marquez as Dora's abusive grandmother, as well as Diego Marquez as Dora's cousin.


Dora Marquez is a friendless student at the GoCity Universal School, who is constantly tormented by the other students due to her appearance in a certain children's entertainment show several years prior to the events of the movie. Her family constantly gives her ostentatious punishments for any minor infraction, such as watching a TV show or getting a bad grade. 

One day in class, Dora falls victim to a "big fat meanie" prank, orchestrated by several popular students at the school, including Alex Kimble,NathanDesignerBoy7, L Ryan and other users. Bubsy Bobcat, who is sitting nearby, notices this prank and takes pity on Dora, but out of fear of the popular students, stays silent. The teacher unremorsefully gives Dora a detention slip, knowing full well how her parents are. Because of Dora's anger, she telekinetically sets the detention slip on fire without being fully aware of her power. The class are left shocked by that event, but never speak of it again.

- [Something about Dora learning about her telekinetic powers here] -

Bubsy, feeling pity on Dora, asks his boyfriend Eric Smith to take Dora to the upcoming prom instead of him. He reluctantly does so, having wished he could take Bubsy instead, and wonders why Bubsy made such a request. 

- [More plot here] -

On the night of the prom, the popular students set up one last prank on Dora. They plan to rig the ballot to make her the prom queen and Eric the prom king, so that they could then humiliate Dora on stage and record it. Eric, not being aware of this plan, is therefore surprised when the rest of the promgoers start tormenting Dora, throwing punch glasses, pieces of paper, fruit and vegetables and anything else at hand at Dora. Feeling humiliated and in pain, Dora runs out of the school building, with Eric following her. However, Dora telekinetically pushes Eric away from her, thinking he played a part in this, wanting to be alone.

However, just as she is about to reach the exit, Dora turns around and, with the knowledge that she has telekinetic powers, begins exacting her revenge on her tormentors, and seals all but one exit. Bubsy, who was watching from the school's windows to make sure the prom went well to her, is shocked at what happens next.

- [Details of prom massacre here] - 

- [Ending here] -

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