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This is a comprehensive list of versions for Driller Engine.

Driller Engine 1

Version Released Note(s)
Driller Engine 1 1.0.0 February 1986 Initial release.
Driller Engine 1 1.0.1 April 1986 Fixes a bug that causes lag when scoring points.
Driller Engine 1 1.0.2 July 1986 Adds stability improvements to Macintosh computers running System 2.0
Driller Engine 1 1.0.3 November 1986 Fixes a tracker bug that causes screeching when adding the Fine Portamento to notes.
Driller Engine 1 1.0.4 February 1987 Fixes MS-DOS crash when attemping to load a game.
Driller Engine 1 1.0.5 May 1987 Added support for Macintosh II and SE.
Driller Engine 1 1.0.6 September 1987 Fixes tracker crash on Macintosh while editing a song.
Driller Engine 1 1.1.0 December 1987 Added support for Windows 2.0.

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