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Drillimation Fun Time Arcade




Software, distribution, monetization, consumer services, mobile game developer


May 1996


Video games

The Drillimation Fun Time Arcade (ドリメーションファンタイムアーケード Dorimēshon Fan Taimu Ākēdo) is an online gaming network that powers game services on computers and game consoles. Games are played using currency named Drillicoin (ドリコイン Dorikoin), much like tokens at arcades. As of February 2015, the service has acquired more than 200 million players. The game has over more than 1,500 anime-themed games from more than 100 publishers.


Drillimation Fun Time Arcade first launched in May 1996 along with the new Driller Engine 3 games. The Driller Engine 1 games (Mr. Driller, Lucky Star, and Angry German Kid) were free to play.

List of Games



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