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Created by

Hiroshi Takajima

First released



Cross platform

Filename extension


Drilliscript (ドリスクリプト Dorisukuriputo) is a programming language used for making games in Driller Engine. Similar to Java, Drilliscript uses .des files for performing actions in games.

List of commands

Introduced in Driller Engine 1

Command Effect
move=direction The specified object movies in the given direction. For example, move=270 moves the specified object down.
vspeed=integer The specified object moves up or down depending on the given number. vspeed=4 moves the object down, while vspeed=-4 moves the object up.
hspeed=integer Same as vspeed, but for horizontal directions only.
gravity=direction The specified object falls in the direction given.
jump=x,y The specified object jumps to a given position in the room. For example, jump=320,240 will move the specified object to the center of the room, while jump=random will move the object to a random position in the room.
How can you explain this
"How can you explain this?"

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