Me for GoAnimate
is a user who makes GoAnimate Videos and often makes Angry German Kid videos, he had a old account, but it was terminated due to 3 copyright strikes. So he has a new channel, he has more than 1,000 subscribers

YouTube Channel

Rivalry with BeavisandButtheadFan

ElPatron036 and BeavisandButtheadFan used to be enemies, it all started when BeavisandButtheadFan disrespected ElPatron036's opinion on Geronimo Stilton, so they we're fighting, until ElPatron036 apologized to him.


He uses Free Plan until he found out of GoAnimate4Schools, he used it until Free Trial came out, he used Free Trial, Freddy Fazbear Rules Est. 1995 letted him share Luke V's account. But 5 days when he got the account, Som Sharma changed the password. So he returned to Free Trial. After The HTML5 Migration, he is using GoAnimate4Schools again but Free Trial, he made up a girlfriend named Mary, he was still using GoAnimate4Schools Free Trial until Willem van der Hoeven letted him use Mark Shelton's Account.

Ban from My Colossal Fans Of Me!! ^^

At February 27, 2016. He got banned from Elvira Loopsy's My Colossal Fans of Me!! ^^ for no reason. At March 1, 2016. He almost cried because his friends are still there. Kai discussed about it, and at March 2, 2016. He returned in the community

Best Friends

Freddy Fazbear Rules Est. 1995, ChrisTheGaming Dude, Kai The Demoman Animator, EllaFTW SugarFTL, Willem van der Hoeven.


Officer Jason UTTP (terminated), BeavisandButtheadFan (apologized).

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