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Eilzabeth Is a Witch Who Like to Turn People into Wereanimals She Also Like To Have Sex with Men In the end She Kills them and Her true Form is A werecat  She Also Have a Slave that Black and She the Antagonist in Sade The Hedgehog: the Curse of The Werehog and also she will be appear in AWESOMEADRIEHL 4: Unhuman Species Uprising

FACTS: She a Thousand Years Old

She Was from Germany But Move to America for Many Reason

What she look likes

She Did Bathe In Virgin Girls Blood To keep her Beauty

She Hid During The salem witch trials in 1692

She Hate Anything Holy(EX: Holy Water,Holy Cross and The Holy Bible)

She Use Dark Magic

She Used Wear a A robe and Other Thing Witches Wears during the Time

She She Always Have Her Slave work for her

She Want Rule Sade's Town by turning Everyone into a WereAnimals

She Hates Humans But she is One
Her True form

Her True Form

She Albino But Has Brown Eyes

She likes Making Love to her Slave

Voice: Veena

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