Elsa in her GoAnimate universe (Frozen Fever appearance).




IVONA Kimberly
IVONA Emma (African Vulture's version)
Susan (some users)
Julie (DreamworksFan1997)

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  • This article is about the Disney Character Elsa, currently protected by POPTECR. For the Troublemaker version of this character, please go to (or create) Dark Elsa or Elsa (Troublemaker Version).

Elsa is the deuteragonist from the 2013 Disney film Frozen. Elsa has the special ability to create ice from her hands. As seen in Frozen, she can even create a castle out of ice.

GoAnimate Life

In the GoAnimate realm, she is one of three ladies protected by POPTECR. The other two are Pokémon's Cynthia, and Mario's Rosalina. Despite being a Disney character, she is also protected by POPFNITV.


Elsa is famous for singing the popular song "Let It Go", which has since then been used on ITV shows such as Ninja Warrior UK and Good Morning Britain and other UK shows outside of ITV and Disney. However, it has annoyed many teenage boys and girl either because it's overplayed or their little sibling (often sister) sings it all the time.


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