Erika Adventures 3: The Melody of Fantasia is the 3rd & final movie in the Erika Adventures franchise, however, Sarah West and YankieDudeComedian1995 will make the 3rd & final movie. instead of being distributed by Warner Bros., ID Software, and Valve. it will be distributed by Universal Studios, Square-Enix, Family Home Entertainment, Toei Company, and GoAnimate Studios.


after the events of Erika Adventures 2: Operation: Black Mesa, Coulden Pettit finally defeated the remaining enemies. Coulden Pettit, Eric, Cosmo, and Erika meets Sarah West and YankieDudeComedian1995 in England. Sarah West warns Coulden about a monster from Bald Mountain called Chernabog. Coulden realized about the warning from Sarah West. and also, another warning from YankieDudeComedian1995 that a storm that was kicking up Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Iowa on November 11, 1940. known as The Armistice Day Storm of 1940. the Pretty Cure all stars (2004-2017?) teams up with Coulden, Cosmo, Eric, Erika, Sarah West, and YankieDudeComedian1995 to go back in time to restore November 1940 America. once they arrived, temperatures quickly dropped from around 70 degrees to below zero. they tried their best to bring the freezing duck hunters home. but they were frozen to perish. along the way, Woody Woodpecker is caught by Chernabog. and is taken away to Bald Mountain. so The Pretty Cure All Stars, Coulden Pettit, Sarah West, YankieDudeComedian1995, Erika, Cosmo, & Eric went on a quest through Fantasia to save Woody Woodpecker from Chernabog. & they defeated Chernabog, eventually, Woody Woodpecker is being rescued by Coulden, Sarah West, YankieDudeComedian1995, The Pretty Cure All Stars, Erika, Cosmo, and Eric. and the trilogy ends with the 1940 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade which happened on November 21, 1940.

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