Eternal Keyboard Battalion

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Driller TV, Inc.


Driller TV, Inc.


Game Maker Studio using Driller Engine


Microsoft Windows


Scrolling shooter


Single Player

Eternal Keyboard Battalion (東方地獄大隊 Eastern Netherrealm Battalion) is a Touhou game currently being developed by Driller TV, Inc. using the Driller Engine Game Maker engine.


Eternal Keyboard Battalion features five different playable characters from The Drillimation Series, each with their own set of weapons and upgrades. Leopold Slikk mainly relies on keyboards, Wataru Hoshi mainly relying on kunai missiles, Konata Izumi mainly relies on the use of electric manipulation, Susumu Hori relying on drills, and James Rolfe with light guns.


Spoiler Don't gaze at it for too long!

This section contains plot content. Do not read ahead if you want it spoiled!

Every year, Dr. Manhole is resurrected from the Netherrealm to wreak havoc in Japan. However, Team Ankoku decides to suck in the Drillimation heroes to try and erase them, but they counterattack back.


Playable Characters

Character Weapon Level Weapon 1 Upgrade Weapon 2 Upgrade
Leopold Slikk 1 Barbed Keyboards (Keyboards get a smash power of 3) 255 Mileage Twin Keyboards (Doubles shooting speed) 380 Mileage
2 Advanced XP (Allows Leopold to shoot enemy projectiles) 425 Mileage Keyboard Explosion (Keyboards explode into 3 keyboard keys on impact) 635 Mileage
3 Steel Corrosion (Allows Leopold to shoot metal enemies) 425 Mileage Power Keyboard (Keyboards deal extra damage to metal and MOAB class enemies) 1,275 Mileage
4 Nuke Keyboard (Keyboards get a smash power of 9) 2,125 Mileage Blue Orb Keyboard (Shoots a devastating keyboard that can kill a ZOMG in one keyboard) 17,000 Mileage
Wataru Hoshi 1 Wataru's Discipline (Increases shooting speed) 255 Mileage Seeking Kunai Missile (Missiles fly towards the nearest enemy) 210 Mileage
2 Sharp Kunai Missiles (Missiles get a smash power of 4) 295 Mileage Distraction (Enemies hit get knocked back) 295 Mileage
3 Double Shot (Shoots two kunai missiles at once) 720 Mileage Kunai Flash (Enemies hit get stunned for 5 seconds) 2,335 Mileage
4 Kunaijitsu (Shoots five kunai missiles at once) 2,335 Mileage Sabotage Supply (All enemies hit are slowed down) 2,380 Mileage
Konata Izumi 1 Intense Electricity (Shoots larger projectiles) 255 Mileage Explosive Lightning (Projectiles explode on impact) 255 Mileage
2 Thunderbolt (Projectiles don't disappear when hitting enemies) 1,020 Mileage Konata's Sense (Allows Konata to shoot metal enemies) 255 Mileage
3 Gusty Whirlwind (Enemies hit get knocked back) 1,700 Mileage Roasted Lightning (Projectiles send 8 flames to nearby enemies) 3,570 Mileage
4 Violent Thunderstorm (Bolts explode into 8 jolts on impact) 6,800 Mileage Lightning Phoenix (Transforms into a powerful lightning phoenix that wreaks havoc for 20 seconds) 4,250 Mileage
Susumu Hori 1 Long Range Drills (Allows Susumu to shoot faster) 75 Mileage Sharp Drills (Drills get a smash power of 2) 120 Mileage
2 Enhanced Hypermagnetic Drill (Allows Susumu to shoot even faster) 100 Mileage Razor Sharp Drills (Drills get a smash power of 3) 145 Mileage
3 Golden Dristone (Susumu's projectiles can hit up to 18 enemies at once) 425 Mileage Triple Drills (Shoots three drills at once) 280 Mileage
4 Drill Juggernaut (Allows Susumu to shoot metal enemies) 1,275 Mileage Mr. Driller Fan Club (Allows Susumu to rapidly fire for 15 seconds) 6,800 Mileage
James Rolfe 1 Rolling Rock Blast (Allows James to shoot enemy projeciles) 2,975 Mileage Super Range (Allows James to shoot faster) 850 Mileage
2 Plasma Blast (Allows James to shoot metal enemies) 4,250 Mileage Epic Range (Allows James to shoot even faster) 1,275 Mileage
3 Death Scope (Allows James to shoot everything) 14,025 Mileage Robo Nerd (Shoots two blasts at once) 7,650 Mileage
4 Netherrealm Zapper (Blasts get a smash power of 5 and requires mileage to shoot) 85,000 Mileage Technological Glitch (Blasts get a smash power of 4) 21,250 Mileage

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