Evil Susie Carmichael UTTP is a False UTTP Member joined on March 17th 2017, She is one of Peppa Pig UTTP's allies, She is also Peppa Pig UTTP's best friend.

Round 1 (March 17th 2017-July 19th 2017)

She only made 1 video which is called A Message to TripleB780, Justin The Brainsurge Champion and Evil Peppa Pig EDCP and The Video said KYS with Green Text, She stole 2 Inez Thomas Icon's, One had A MLP Character, but evil susie modified it into a Death Icon and The Other one was a Collage Icon on July 19th 2017, she got Hacked by THECOMKUNG.

Round 2 (July 19th 2017-present)

she came back at the Same Day she got hacked, and She stole Inez Thomas's Icon Again, but with a different collage icon and she only made 4 videos.