WARNING: The following article is HIGHLY NSFW.

Fetish Videos are videos that (obviously) involve a fetish of some kind. They are most commonly used by Trent Morrison. They come in many variations.


This is the most common type, it involves a character, or rarely a group of characters being inflated like a balloon. They can be inflated with a potion, a lot of food, etc. Notably, if they turn into a blueberry, their skin will turn blue, and their cheeks will be puffy, while their stomachs also tend to grow into a giant ball shape. Sometimes, their buttocks will inflate as well, often accompanied by pooping. If their stomachs are inflated, sometimes, the character(s) that inflated him/her/them will sleep or nap on their stomachs, or take pictures.


This is a semi-common type, it involves a character being swallowed by another, with their stomachs usually being giant after. Sometimes, the insides of their stomachs are shown, showing the character, and often not accompanied by gastric acids. The character is assumed to be digested offscreen, and there are instances where the eaten character(s) will perform an action inside the character that ate them, this sometimes causes discomfort.


This is a rare type. This involves a character (most often female) being turned into a giantess. Usually, a male character smaller than them will accompany them, often doing actions like kissing, and even breastfeeding.