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Created By Igor.


Sanae Kochiya has moved to GoCity, Eventually, she meets Igor. Igor quickly Falls on Love with her. Much to Renko's Jealously, Renko wants to murder Sanae Kochiya!

Good Ending

Renko is Successfully Calmed down.

Bad Ending

Renko Proceeds to Kill Sanae Kochiya, Thus Causing a Funeral to occur.

Netural Ending

Renko is decided to let it go and decided to not to kill Sanae Kochiya but she's still mad at her.


Kimberly as Sanae Kochiya and Peanut Otter

Paul as Igor the Mii

Eric as John and Carkle

Kayla as Sophie and Jelly Otter

Shy Girl as Jigglypuff and Baby Butter Otter

Jennifer as Renko Usami

Young Guy as IA and Toy Bonnie

Brian as Mordecai


[Cut to inside of a Plane.]

[A Green-Haired Teenage Girl named Sanae Kochiya is seen.]

Sanae Kochiya: [Yawns] I'm sorta Tired...

[The Plane lands on GoCity]

[Cut to outside of GoCity Airport]

[Sanae Kochiya walks to Team Lights HQ]

Sanae Kochiya: "So, this is where i should go?"

[Sanae Kochiya Enters the HQ.]

Sanae Kochiya: "Hello?"

[Igor walks towards Sanae Kochiya.]

Igor: "Who are you?"

Sanae Kochiya: "I'm Sanae Kochiya, from Touhou."

Igor: "I'm Igor the Mii, but You can call me Igor."

Sanae Kochiya: "Okay..."

Igor: [Blushes] "You're Cute..."

Sanae Kochiya: "Thanks..."

Igor: "What we should do?"

Sanae Kochiya: "I don't know. Walk out while holding hands?"

Igor: "Seems Good."

Sanae Kochiya: "Okay..."

[The two walk out of the HQ While holding Hands.]

Sophie: "Wait. If Igor has another Waifu, It Means-"

Renko: "Da F**k?! Igor is dating another girl now?! Ugh, I wanna kill Sanae Kochiya!"

Sophie: "...This, For whatever reason, Renko Usami is Very Jealous."

[Meanwhile, At GoCity Park...]

[Igor and Sanae Kochiya spots Mordecai, Carkle and IA]

Mordecai: "Hey Igor, who is this girl?"

Igor: "Her name is Sanae Kochiya."

Sanae Kochiya: [A Bit Embrassed] "Yep..."

Igor: "Excuse Me, I'll Think I'll...uhhhh.....Go to a date with Her."

Carkle: "Ok?"

IA: "How you did meet Sanae Kochiya?"