First Day of School is the 3rd installment of GoGang Junior created by Carkle.


  • TGB1
  • James
  • Igor
  • Sophie
  • Carkle
  • Teacher
  • Nanny


[The scene starts with TGB1 and James eating cereal.]

TGB1: "These sure are some nice Cocoa Puffs, isnt it?

James: "Da da!"

Nanny: "Hey kids, guess what?"

TGB1: "What?"

Nanny: "It's your first day of school! So get your backpacks and start learning!"

TGB1: "Oh No! Not School!"

Nanny: "Come on! It will be Fun!"

[Scene switches to TGB1 and James, standing outside the school.]

James: "Sca-o!"

TGB1: "I agree with you buddy! I don't wanna go to school."

Igor: "But your already here."

James: (Unaudiable Gibberish)

Sophie: "What's that James?"

TGB1: "He said: I don't want to go in there, no matter what you do!"

[Scene changes to TGB1 and James sitting at a table in a classroom, both with angry expressions.]

TGB1: (Holds up 2 candy bars) "And, we just got bribed."

James: Wha-Wha-Wha.

(Bell Rings)

Teacher: Good Morning Class! Im your teacher!

James: (raises hand) Bla-Bleh, Tok Tu Sce?

Teacher: Excuse Me?

TGB1: He said: Teacher, can I be excused for the rest of my life?

Teacher: "...Ok?"

[Carkle is seen at the window.]

Carkle: "YOU!!!"

Teacher: "What's that gray dude doing there?"

TGB1: "He kinda seems surprised that you said his catchphrase."

Teacher: "Never heard of that before..."

TGB1: What do you want Carkle!? Shouldn't you be at PreSchool?

Carkle: "Uhh..."

[Carkle runs away.]'

Teacher: "That was awkward."

Teacher: "Anyways, we are gonna learn about cars."

TGB1: Hooray!

Teacher: By reading Cars books!

TGB1: No!

Teacher: "With some pop-ups!"

TGB1: "Hooray!"

[They read the books, and after that... they eat their snacks.]

Teacher: Ok kids! It's time for a game!

James: Ya!

TGB1: What Game?

Teacher: Freeze Dance!

TGB1: "How do you play?"

Teacher: "You dance freely, and when I say freeze, you freeze."

TGB1: "Alright! Challenge accepted."

[They dance.]

Teacher: "FREEZE!"

[They stop.]

[This continues until the bell rings]

[TGB1 and James are walking home]

TGB1: So how was you day at school James?

James: Donjosljzhab.

TGB1: Ha! Dork!

James: Kekisjonsundw!

TGB1: No I was not scared!

[The two quarrel as the episode ends]

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