By Codyrulez123

Phone Calls

Night 1: Igor: Hello? Igor here. Welcome to your first night at my Mansion! You should listen to me.. I have some news, my mansion is haunted. Use the Switch to the left to close both doors. Use the switch to the right to turn on the lights, you need the lights for light, of course.. Not only for the characters.. But to see in the room. If the lights are off then you cannot check the Monitor, you have a power source but it is limited. I gotta go, Bye, Cody!

Night 2: Pingy: Hi there. Pingy is here! Igor was unable to call. So I am here. But awesome news for you! We found training tapes, and we also found Some. a REAL one. Gotta go.

Igor: (Training Tapes): Hello there. I am here to talk here about. Safety to use the Go:Gang Characters for this time. Turn the Anamatronic into suit mode, then you crank the handle 40 times. then position your head and Torso in the suit, WARNING: Don't touch on the locks of the suit, don't breath on the locks. Or it will loosen and cause you to bleed profusely. Thanks for listening and you are the face of Igor's Mansion.

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