Five Nights at Peanut's is a video game that is a mix between PB&J Otter and FNAF.


You are the Nightguard of PB&J Otter's Lake Hoohaw Pizza, established in 2014. You Are in The Safe Room Called The Office! You Have lights, doors, and security cameras!


List of Characters

Peanut Otter

  • Night Appearance: Night 3
  • Similarity: Freddy Fazbear

Jelly Otter

  • Night Appearance: Night 1
  • Similarity: Chica The Chicken

Scootch Raccoon

  • Night Appearance: Night 1
  • Similarity: Bonnie The Bunny

Ricky Raccoon

  • Night Appearance: Night 2
  • Similarity: Foxy The Pirate

Golden Peanut Otter

  • Night Appearance: Night 1
  • Similarity: Golden Freddy

Phone Calls

  • Night 1: "Hola! This is me, Redolfo Otter, father of two daughters. In your office, you must protect yourself from crazy animatronics that may appear suddenly if you don't check on them enough. But for now, Scootch and Jelly are off the stage, looking for unsuspecting victims. Be careful! You may be one of them. Use the security cameras to track them down, and make sure you close the doors to block them. Don't forget, the lights are useful, too. Adios, and good luck!"
  • Night 2: "Hola! This is me Again Dude! Redolfo Otter, See? I Told You Your not Gonna Die on Your First Day Your a Superior! But I May Have Noticed The Stab Of 87 Where a Disrepaired Animatronic at Ricky's Cove Caused That Event to Happened, And Remember He Rushes To Your Location and Pops Out of The Doorway and Close The Doors Mate! Adios!"
  • Night 3: "Hola once more! Redolfo Otter here! You're just about to reach your half mark. Now, Peanut's alive. This leader of his band may stuff you if you're not too careful! Make sure you keep the doors shut and use the lights to make sure he's there. Anyway, Adios again, and keep going!"
  • Night 4: "Hola once again! Redolfo Otter Again! I Wanna Assure You That Maybe That You Could *Bang* Check inside those Suits? *Bang* and There are Animatronics Coming After Me! Oh no! *Raspy Groan* *Golden Peanut's Scream is Heard*"
  • Night 5: "*Distorted Call*"

Game Over

The Game Over Screen Shows The Protagonist Being Stuffed Inside a Peanut Otter Suit While Eyeballs Stick Out Of The Mask.

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