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Fluffy (born as Izzy) is a 19-year-old dwarf childlike bear who was supposed to be introduced on December 15, 2015 but postponed until December 17 due to unsuccessful attempts.
Fluffy |220px|link=File:Fluffy.png]]]]


Fluff, Fluffy, Fluffy bear, Little cub, Adult-bear child, Cutie, Cutie pie, tiny, cub, Naughty one, Iggy




Neutral(secretly male)


Grizzly Bear



Birth date

May 22nd 1996


3'5" (104.14 cm)





Pancakes(stuffed toy rabbit)


Mute but makes screams, grunt, growl, whine, whimpers, cry, gasp. words such as ew, wow, lol, hmph, tch, yay, mmm, yuck, yummy: diesel.

Interests and anything else

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Honey brown(appear to be yellowish, amber, regular brown, yellow, orange, and hazel in different versions)

Sexual Orientation: Asexual/Agender/Unconfirmed

Preferred Pronouns: It/its/it's/they/their/them/he/his/him

Hometown: Maryland

Traits: Nice, cute, sweet, mischievous, sneaky, sometimes shy, wild, funny, naughty, good, troublemaker, rebellious, troublesome, playful, prankster, sometimes bad,

Likes: Making friends, dancing, funtime, nice people, playtime, reading, sleeping, toys, furries, animals, flowers, biting people, boy stuff, girl stuff, children stuff,  etc

Detests: Rude people, loud noises, being hurt, spinach, Pollen, being scolded, people who make fun of it, being called names, being ignored, other things that it despise.

Favorite colors: Red, purple yellow, green. orange, pink, blue white

Favorite food: Crackers, vegetables except spinach an broccoli, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, mint ice cream, chicken nuggets, milk, juices, cakes, cupcake, cheesecakes, fruits, honey, cookies, and other food that it might like

Favorite number: 8, 12, 20, 35, and other numbers

Favorite animals: Bears, elephants, panda, ducks, cats, dogs, rabbits, fish, turtle, lions, cows, zebra, bunnies, monkeys, dinosaurs, giraffes, rhinos.

Favorite musics: Any specific music

Favorite Holidays: Christmas, Easter, Halloween, St. Patrick's Day

Favorite sports: Gymnastics, soccer, baseball, tennis, football  

Hobbies: Making friends, playing with toys, eating, sleeping, dancing, TV, going outside, frolicking, walking, playing, fun things, wandering around, piggyback ride, LGBT people, cars.

Least favorite food: Spinach and broccoli

Favorite vehicles: Cars, trains, buses, trucks

Allergies: Pollen,

Physical Appearance

Fluffy has short brown hair in dulfer style with hair turf on top and honey brown eyes(appear to be yellowish, amber, regular brown, yellow, orange, and hazel in different versions), and Brown fur with light brown muzzle. Fluffy has a chubby body build as a size of human toddler, It also wears oversized red shirt, and white leg warmers. It also who is considered to be a cub due to their childlike appearance.

Fluffy does not speak; however, it only uses body and sign language, gifs and pictures of sayings, or etc. It also has Asperger's syndrome and ADHD. Fluffy only does high pitched squeaks, gasps, screams, giggles, moans, and cries. In swim wear, Fluffy wear a swimsuit with green and white stripes with flower print on it.

In formal wear, Fluffy wears light blue dress and blue mary janes shoes. When wearing other outfits,in sleep wear, Fluffy wears an oversized white sweater with pink stripes. Despite its childlike appearance and unknown gender, Fluffy can still get a "girlfriend" and "boyfriend" like how gendered characters do.

It's undergarment was white tank top and white underwear

In human form, fluffy has olive skin complextation, freckles, round head shaped, thick eyebrows,  chubby cheeks due to it's body weight.


  • If people get close to Fluffy and dating it, it might feel comfortable and sometimes sits on their lap, cling to their leg, and puts its head on their shoulder. it might considered you as "playmate" 
  • Fluffy is asexual and agender.
  • Fluffy has a stuffed bunny named Pancakes.
  • Fluffy is big fan of agario and mario
  • On google+, Fluffy sometimes sneaked into people's posts and pulls a prank on them.
  • Despite its age, Fluffy still can play with goanimators since they're very younger than it.
  • Fluffy can be fetish fan sometimes.
  • Fluffy's sexual orientation were uncertain. 
  • Fluffy has Asperger's syndrome and ADHD.
  • Fluffy always do bad things and getting in trouble(sometimes avoid getting in to it)

Fluffy in Different Styles (Drawn by Sophie the Otter and other artists)

Facts about fluffy

  • Stealing things such as snacks from people
  • Biting and pulling other furries's tail
  • Poking people 
  • throwing things
  • hitting people
  • slamming the door when fluffy was mad
  • sometimes flipping things over
  • making jokes about people
  • disrupting conversations or lessons
  • Sometime cursing
  • jumping on people's stomach and back
  • throwing tantrums

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