Ivy gets in Dead Meat is a grounded video created by LunatheMagicalGirl.


Kimberly as LunatheMagicalGirl

Kendra as Custard and Mac

Jennifer as Ka-Chung

Ivy as Foo and Blossom

Miguel as Mordecai

Eric as Blooregard "Bloo" Q. Kazoo, Rigby and Eric Cartman

Emma as Jennifer "Jenny" Wakeman

Tween Girl as Bubbles and Yumi Yoshimura

Shy Girl as Buttercup and Ami Onuki

Zack as Kenny the Shark

Diesel as Eduardo Valerosa

Paul as Wilt Michaels, Janitor the Toilet Man and Jake

Callie as Finn Mertens

Alan as Stan Marsh

David as Kyle Broflovski

Joey as Kenny McCormick and Double D

Lee as Ed

Brian as Eddy

Ivy as Ivy Smith

Professor as Principal Hugg

Dave as Ivy's dad


Card Effect Given to
Gold The student graduates. Custard, Ka-Chung and Foo
Purple The student gets a year off from school. Mac and Blooregard Q. Kazoo
Blue The student gets 6 months off from school. Mordecai and Rigby
Cyan The student gets 3 months off from school. Jenny Wakeman
Green The student gets 1 month off from school. Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup
Lime The student gets 1 week off from school. Kenny the Shark
White Nothing happens. Ami and Yumi
Yellow The student has a talk after school. Eduardo Valerosa
Orange The student has detention for 1 hour. Wilt Michaels
Brown The student has detention for 3 hours. Janitor the Toilet Man
Red The student has detention for 6 hours. Finn and Jake
Crimson Red The student is suspended for 1 week and has detention at school and their house for a week after the suspension. Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman and Kenny McCormick
Black The student is suspended for two weeks. Ed, Ed and Eddy
Pink The student gets in dead meat and is expelled. Ivy Smith


LunatheMagicalGirl: "Okay class. Today is Behavior Card Day."

Ivy: [laughing] "It's just blank pieces of paper!

LunatheMagicalGirl: "Shut up, Ivy! And it's not funny! Anyways, let's go over the cards. If your card is gold, you will graduate. If it's purple, you get a year off. If it's blue, you get 6 months off. If it's cyan, you get 3 months off. If it's green, you will get a month off. If it's lime, you get a week off. If it's white, nothing happens. If it's yellow, you'll have a talk after school. If it's orange, you'll have detention for 1 hour. If it's brown, you'll have detention for 3 hours. If it's red, you'll have detention for 6 hours. If it's crimson red, you're suspended for 1 week and will have detention at your house for a week after. If it's black, you're suspended for 2 weeks. Now pay attention to this card. This card is very [few times] bad! If it's pink, you'll be in dead meat which means you'll be expelled from school. I'll now give out the cards." [Luna assigns the cards.]

Custard: "Yeah [many times]! Me, Ka-Chung and Foo got three gold cards [x3]!"

LunatheMagicalGirl: "Great job, Save-Ums! You three have been the best students ever in history! You've been doing great things like saving the day from the evil witch! Go to Principal Hugg's office and make him proud!"

[Custard, Ka-Chung and Foo run to the principal's office]

Mac: "Alright! Fantastic! I'm so thankful I got a purple card."

Bloo: "Me too."

LunatheMagicalGirl: "Good job Mac and Bloo. Your hard work has finally paid off. Go to the principal's office and enjoy your one year off."

Bloo: "We sure will, Miss Luna. Thank you very much." [Both Bloo and Mac walk to the principal's office whilst the latter is saying his line]

Mordecai: "Oooooooooohhh! Me and Rigby got blue cards!"

LunatheMagicalGirl: "Good job Mordecai and Rigby. Go to the principal's office and enjoy your six months off."

[Mordecai and Rigby walk to the principal's office]

Jenny: "Yay! I got a cyan card! This means I get to go to Disneyworld for 3 months!"

LunatheMagicalGirl: "Good job, Jenny. Go to the principal's office and enjoy your three months off."

[Jenny walks to the Principal's office]

Blossom: "Yay! Me, Bubbles and Buttercup got three green cards!"

LunatheMagicalGirl: "Good job, Powerpuff Girls. Go to the principal's office and I'll see you next month."

[The Powerpuff Girls walk to the Principal's office]

Chowder: "Phew! Thank goodness I got a lime card. For a second then, I thought it would be pink."

LunatheMagicalGirl: "You're too well behaved for a pink card. Go to the principal's office, and I'll see you next week."

[Chowder walks to the principal's office feeling very pleased with himself]

Ami: "A white card for both me and my friend? Oh well, at least nothing happens to us, we'll return to our seats."

LunatheMagicalGirl: "Actually, I would like you two to sit in the empty seats in front of me. You'll get to see the reaction of the others this way."

[Ami and Yumi agree, and obediently sit in the empty seats]

Eduardo: "Oh no, I got a yellow card."

[Luna gets sad]

LunatheMagicalGirl: "That's right, Eduardo. You tried to destroy Bowser, but failed. You're not on detention, but we'll have a talk after school. That is all, please go to the principal's office."

[Eduardo walks to the principal's office, crying]

Wilt: "Oh no, my card is coloured orange. That means I've on detention. Sorry for being disruptive in class."

LunatheMagicalGirl: "I should think so too! I hope you learn a valuable lesson. Please go to the principal's office and get a detention slip."

[Wilt walks to the principal's office looking sad]

Janitor the Toilet Man: "What? Damn you, my card is the same colour as my poo!"

[Luna becomes angry]

LunatheMagicalGirl: [Veena's voice] "First of all, the colour is called brown, not poo. And secondly, you have earned a three hour detention because you've been a very naughty boy. Go to the principal's office to get a detention slip right now."

[Janitor walks angrily to the principal's office]

Jake: "What the hell?!"

Finn: "We got two red cards!"

LunatheMagicalGirl: [Veena's voice] "And you both deserve it. You were the two who founded Ice King's army, and second, you continously attacked me. Six hours detention, go to the principal's office right now!"

[Finn and Jake walk to the principal's office, crying]

Stan: "No [many times]. Me, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny got crimson cards."

LunatheMagicalGirl: [Veena's voice] "That's it, the four of you are suspended for a week, and all four of you will have detention at home after your one week suspension. Go home now!"

[The South Park boys leave the room crying]

Ed: "Oh no! Me, Edd and Eddy got black cards, that means we're suspended for two weeks."

LunatheMagicalGirl: [Veena's voice] "That's right, Ed, the three of you are suspended for two weeks. And Eddy, I sincerely hope that both you, and Edd, learn to behave yourselves!"

Eddy: "We promise to behave ourselves from now on."

LunatheMagicalGirl: [normal voice] "I'm pleased to hear that, Eddy. You three need to go home now."

[Ed walks home crying, and Edd and Eddy walk home looking sad]

Ivy: "Um [many times]! I got a pink card. Can you please give me another chance?"

[Everything becomes red, which Luna becomes furious]

LunatheMagicalGirl: [Scary Voice] "Absolutely not! Ivy, you have been the worst student ever in history! You've been talling on your brothers Eric and David just to get them in trouble when they killed Barney! That's it! Go upstairs to the principal's office right now!"

[Ivy walks to the principal's office looking sad]

[Ivy arrives at the principal's office]

Principal Hugg: "So, Ivy, what brings you to my office at this time?"

Ivy: "I [few times] got a pink card."

[Everything becomes red, which Principal Hugg becomes furious]

Principal Hugg: [Kidaroo's voice] "Oh [many times]! Ivy! You know getting a pink card is against the rules! You're in big, dead meat trouble! That's it! You are expelled from this school. Now get out!"

[Ivy runs from school crying]

[Back home]

Ivy's dad: "Oh my god! Ivy, how dare you get into dead meat and expelled from school! That's it! You are grounded for 10000000000000000000000000000000000000 years! Go upstairs to your room right now!"

Ivy: [Runs to her room crying, and speaks in Darth Vader's voice] "Nooooooooooo...!"

The End



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