Created by buddy (all the characters in this video are dragon all characters)

Behaviour card guide

green (5 months off) - goku

tourquise (3 months off) - vegeta

syian (1 month off)- gohan

blue (4 weeks off) - kuririn

dark blue (3 weeks off)- piccolo

yellow - (2 weeks off) - tenshinhan and chaozu

Purple (1 week off) - gotten and trunks

light purple (3 days off) android 16, 8, and 18

white (2 days off) master roshi, oolong, and ox king

darkish white (go home early) android 17 and fat buu

light grey (1 hour dtentio) colonel silver and general white

gunmetal (2 hour detention) sargent major purple and general blue

dark grey (3 hour detention) commander yellow and commander violet

peach (4 hour detention) ajustent black and commander red

light red (1 week suspension) taopaipai

red ( 10 day suspension) pilaf, shu and mai

Dark red (2 week suspension) piano, drum and cymbal

Maroon (3 week suspension) tambourine and piccolo daimao

blood red (4 week suspension) cell

orange ( 1 month suspension) bibidi, babidi, and kid buu

dark orange (6 month suspension) raditz and nappa

Black (expelled) Frieza


buddy: ok class, today is behaviour card day

frieza: no! Cancel it or I'll blow up the entire planet

buddy: shut up Frieza, ok now I'll go through the behaviour card day legend

(5 minutes later)

buddy: ok class, the cards are under your desk, take them out now

goku: YES!!! I revived a green card


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