Current members of Galneryus from left to right: Taka, Yuhki, Sho, Syu, Junichi


Osaka, Japan



Current band members

  • Syu
  • Yuhki
  • Junichi Satoh
    (佐藤 潤一)
  • Masatoshi "Sho" Ono
    (小野 正利)
  • Taka


Power metal/neo-classical metal



Galneryus is a Japanese power metal band, formed in Osaka in 2001 by the band leader Syu.

They are the most awesome heavy metal band within the Japanese scene, especially they make anime openings and endings on some of their songs, notably "Hunting for Your Dream" from the second ending of Hunter x Hunter.

In the GoAnimate universe

Though the band are not appearing on all GoAnimate videos, it is only heard their songs. For instance in some videos, Kirby Loopsy got forced to listen Galneryus by some of her imposters (particularly Serena Loopsy) instead of Vocaloid songs due to disrespecting opinions since February 2015.

See also

  • Galneryus on Wikipedia, for further information such as their discography.

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